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Many of you associate amyproctor.squarespace.com with the Bottom Line Up Front military blog. This is the same Amy and the same site with a new direction!  Over the last few years my passion for photography has grown and I now focus on photojournalism, travel and landscape photography along with covering local news events.  I most recently shot a speech of the first couple Barack and Michele Obama at Ft. Stewart, GA and that photo essay was recognized on CNN as I do some iReporting.  

My political views have not changed but the work of a photographer is to tell the story that is happening around her, not to reinterpret the story using personal ideology.  An unbiased photojournalist? Imagine that!

I also love travel and landscape photography.  As owner of Imago Dei Photography, I am a big believer in innocence and a childlike presentation of the physical world around us.  I am at my happiest (aside from being a mother) when I look through the lens of my Canon 7D and see God’s beautiful creation the way I believe He sees it from heaven… as it out to be.  A pre-fall-from-grace in the Garden of Eden type of world full of vibrant color and refreshing winds that make you want to drop everything you’re doing and just drink it all in.  Innocence may just be my favorite word.

“Imago Dei” is Latin for Image of God.  Imago Dei Photography is committed to creating images that reflect that name.  I am dedicated to showing the world Images as I believe God sees them. :)

So I hope you’ll join me, follow me, on this new adventure through my lens here at the Imago Dei Photography blog.  

And above all else…….



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