People in Beijing

One of the things I noticed about the Chinese people is that they tend to do things together. They walk together, exercise together…. it seems like there are a lot of groups of people.  A Korean friend of mine pointed out that because of Communism, they do things, generally, in groups as opposed to as individuals. She in fact believes that the Chinese don’t know how to do things as individuals, generally speaking, because they’ve spent their whole lives being trained by their government to act as as a unit rather than singularly.

Interesting observation.  There are limitations to this opinion, of course, but I certainly saw it when I was in Beijing.  As examples, I shot this picture of a man and a boy (very few girls were to be seen) in the outer court of Temple of Heaven:

And this of folks in another part of the complex exercising together:


Of course, Beijing is a huge city with people packed in like Sardines, but I thought it sad that the Communist government squelches individualism on such a grand scale.  But it did reinforce my gratitude that I live in the greatest of all free nations on earth - the United States of America.  :)


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