Documenting the Latin Mass

I'm excited that I've been asked to document parts of the Traditional Latin Mass for the last two weeks that we'll be living in Georgia.  My husband is an active duty soldier and is currently stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga, but we will be PCSing (as they call it... it means moving to our new duty station) in Texas in two weeks.  I'm very excited about photographing the vesting of the Priest in the sacristy before Mass, which is a beautifully meaningful ritual practiced in the Latin Rite.  Also the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist has the most amazing cantors and I will be photographing them as well. 

My main concern in photographing the Latin Mass is always reverence and respect.  I never want to interfere with anyone's ability to assist at the Mass or experience the Mass. I wrote about how to photograph a Latin Mass in a previous entry and i will be following those same guidelines. 

I'm really looking forward to this!  I love documenting the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass!

Amy Proctor1 Comment