Let's Keep Politics Out of Nature and Travel

On June 18, travel blogger Liz Carlson of Young Adventuress fame appeared on NBC News' Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly in an episode called, “The Americans Are Coming: The Obsession with New Zealand”.

“I LOVE New Zealand!”, said I, “And I know about the Young Adventuress….. this’ll be fun.”

The Young Adventuress is an American self-made, successful travel blogger now living the dream in New Zealand.

You can watch the video here.... New Zealand is stunning and my second love.

So the liberal adventuress said on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly from New Zealand,

“I get really irritated when I go home and everyone talks about how America is the best country in the world. There’s this, such a strong nationalism. And I’m like, ‘Well, is it?’  You know?  And  I think it’s a time to question that attitude, you know?”

Oh, brother. 

Well, I get really irritated when spoiled little Americans go abroad and trash their own country.  Yes, America is the best country in the world, in many respects. It has amazing landscapes and National Parks, offers opportunities that draw people from around the world like a magnet and then there’s that little thing we’ve done over the generations called “saving the world from itself.”  Stopping Nazism, Communism, Fascism and general treachery from devouring allies around the world, you know?  And then when we’re done, we either leave or we leave behind a small presence to assist the host nation in the victories the US has won for them. We never occupy and are not imperialists.  Those accolades go to other nations which shall remain nameless here.

And although Liz Carlson and successful travel bloggers like her boast about New Zealand’s FREE healthcare, let’s put on our thinking caps, shall we?  The US has a population of 320,000,00. New Zealand’s population is just over 4 million. The difficulties of a government “providing” free health care to its people is an unrealistic one in a population of 320,00,000 (unless you want to look at how China does it, and it’s not good).

Not only that, but how many Americans flee the US to get healthcare from (fill in the blank… it literally doesn’t matter)??  I’m reminded of the talented Mr. Trey Tratcliff, American photographer and tech guru who put HDR on the map. In this post, Trey describes socialized healthcare in New Zealand as his wife struggles with a rare form of cancer and how he ended up bringing her to (wait for it) the USA for medical care.

Dunedin hospital is not exactly the most hospitable place for being a hospital. It’s all socialized medicine here, so they have to cut a lot of corners.  
The food was also rubbish and not the kind of organic, good food a healing body needs. Since I was there with her, I’d bring good veggie food to try to keep her spirits up.
(Tina) found this wunderkind doctor in Denver who is an expert in Neuroendocrine Tumors named Dr. Eric Liu. We made a decision to go see him after Tina felt better to get another opinion about what to do next. We decided we’re going to make the pilgrimage to Denver to see the legendary and venerable Dr. Liu!
In the next two weeks, the whole family is going back to Denver to see Dr. Liu to get the actual scan. We also are going to San Francisco to try to see Dr. Emily Bergsland at UCSF. We’re making the rounds to make sure she has the best treatment!

So sure, if you’re a “young” adventuress and want birth control or to fix a broken ankle or treat strep throat, New Zealand’s health care is probably second to none, but if you have a real, advanced, scary medical condition you’ll likely see care in the US.  This is not commentary on the professionalism or skill of New Zealand’s doctors and surgeons.  Kiwis are great.  But there are medical systems that are superior to others and there’s a reason why people around the world come to the US for treatment. 

Following the 2016 US Presidential election, the Young Adventuress wrote a post about how Americans can relocate to New Zealand.

 "I have never been more ashamed to be American than I am today."  

Well, doesn't she sound like an Obama. I wonder how she counts the ways. The funny part is how she struggles to explain it as a real possibility,  unless you want to work in a cafe' or coffee shop, so just forget the whole thing it probably won't happen for us pions, just for elitists like her who have "exceptional talent!"  That's great for liberals if hating America is considered an exceptional talent, but for the rest of us normal people?  Thanks, Liz.

Jack Matthews, a US ex patriot and executive living in New Zealand, also appeared on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly and said,

“I think the whole people fleeing America for New Zealand is overblown, to be honest. I don’t think people are being repelled by America as much as they are attracted by New Zealand.”

That’s exactly right. I can attest to that myself as an American.

The love of travel, nature and the outdoors is for everyone.  It is apolitical. It is to be equally enjoyed by every one of God’s creations without the injections of poisonous philosophies and political agendas that alienate and divide.  Have your political theories but leave it off your travel blog. Travel and nature (and photography) should bring people together, not drive them apart, and if they do, it’s because travel bloggers are doing something wrong.

Let’s work on being an asset, not an ass.