Find Personal Well-Being on El Paso’s Hiking Trails

My  travel article coming out in tomorrow's Fort Bliss Bugle on Fort Bliss and throughout El Paso is one that is very meaningful to me.  The peace and solace I've gained over the last 7 months or so hiking through the mountains of El Paso have really changed me for the better.  I hope you enjoy this week's article and find some motivation to get out there, too, if you aren't already!  Here is the online version of the article.

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Rare Snowfall in El Paso, Texas

Maybe "rare" isn't the right word, but unusual certainly is.  Last Thursday, 22 January, the southwestern Texas border city was hit with a substantial amount of snow.  It doesn't stick around for long but while it was falling, it looked like a full-fledged New Jersey blizzard.  I photographed some of the scenes from around El Paso, as this part of the country doesn't always see snow. Here is the snowy pictorial:

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