How to Stabilize Shaky GoPro Videos

I've owned a GoPro for three months now. Holy Cow is it shaky!  No matter how still I try to hold the GoPro, by hand or on a mount, it is SHAKY. I've investigated several no-shake software products made to stabilize GoPro videos.  The one I believe is the best is ProDrenaline.

Here's a GoPro video as is with no editing that I captured in the mountains of El Paso:

Here's a GoPro video AFTER running it through ProDrenaline:

And here's the side by side comparison:

Admittedly,  I usually run my GoPro video through the ProDrenaline software twice; meaning I import the GoPro video and stabilize it once and then import the stabilized video into ProDrenaline a second time for maximum stabilization. The comparison video above could only be processed once so it is shakier than I'm happy with.  

Now there are a few other software products on the market that stabilize better, meaning it doesn't need to be stabilized a second time. I tried Muvee as well and liked the stabilization result better, only having to process it once. However, the quality took a major, unacceptable hit with Muvee while ProDrenaline maintains quality integrity. 

If anyone has found a better GoPro video stabilization or anti-shake software program, please let me know about it in the comment section.  But for my research, ProDrenaline is the best as it retains the original quality better, and isn't that we want?  You may need to process particularly shaky video (easy using GoPro) twice, but it's worth it.

The real answer is for GoPro to up their game and develop an internal stabilizer into the camera.  Frankly, their shake is ridiculous!  Some GoPro video I have is unusable except for ProDrenaline.