White Sands National Monument Programs Offer Intimate Experience

Do you know about the wonderful Interpretive Programs offered by White Sands National Monument?  Sunset strolls, camping under the stars after the park closes, full moon orchestras amongst the gypsum dunes... they're amazing!  Even if you're not a local, you can plan your trip to coincide with one of the fascinating events at White Sands that really gives you an intimate experience at the park.  Can you imagine snacking on a blanket surrounded by white dunes and serenaded by a classical orchestra?  My travel article this week explores the many unique options at White Sands.... they're amazing!  Here's a link to the online version of my article in the Fort Bliss Bugle

Discovering People is a Big Part of the Journey

There are many things that lure me to travel and keep the passion flaming inside to see more of God's beautiful green earth.  I love the planning, the getting there, the road trips, the seeing remarkable things with my own eyes, the process of photographing them and  the way it deepens my faith.  But one thing I'm really growing to appreciate is the people I meet and see along the way.

Photographer's Don't Own the Landscapes, We Share Them

I was a bit surprised on my last bit of travel how downright rude some professional photographers were about people being in their shots.  I was surprised because my experience with other professional photographers has always been very positive.  They are nature lovers, appreciators of creation, and most seem to have such respect for the scene they are photographing that they understand the desire of anyone wanting to share in it.  In fact, we want to share it... that's why we're photographers in the first place.

Thoughts On Being a Solo Female Travel Photographer

At the end of every mission I undertake, I'm somewhat surprised at my gall.  Or maybe I'm just impressed with my inhibition to reject constraints from traveling alone.  I mean, I'm a 48 year old woman with responsibilities.... 4 children and a husband, for example.  But I never let the fact that I may have to explore alone prevent me from doing it. Sometimes it feels incredibly lonely, other times it feels incredibly liberating, but at the end of the day it always feels incredibly right........

Find Personal Well-Being on El Paso’s Hiking Trails

My  travel article coming out in tomorrow's Fort Bliss Bugle on Fort Bliss and throughout El Paso is one that is very meaningful to me.  The peace and solace I've gained over the last 7 months or so hiking through the mountains of El Paso have really changed me for the better.  I hope you enjoy this week's article and find some motivation to get out there, too, if you aren't already!  Here is the online version of the article.