Stone Mountain and downtown Atlanta, GA

Stone Mountain is just outside of Atlanta, GA. My daughter and I decided to hike the mountain last week.. it was brutal.. and hot.  The carving on the mountain, which looks a lot like Mount Rushmore, is of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis.  Below is an HDR shot from near the top of Stone Mountain…. you can see Atlanta along the skyline to the right of the tree.  

Stone Mountain is a pretty good place to get some decent shots, and to get a decent work out, and at the base of the mountain is a gondola that goes to the top (if you don’t prefer to hike) along with water parks and things to do with the family.  Next, we were off to Atlanta.  You can see the shots here at my public Facebook page and purchase prints in my HDR gallery on Smugmug.  


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