New Firmware for the Canon EOS 7D Now Available

Firmware is awesome.  It allows the outdated technology of your DSLR to be updated with a simple memory card.  Here’s a description from Canon about what the Firmware will do for your 7D:

Canon is giving the EOS 7D an exciting upgrade with new Firmware Version 2.0.X! With Firmware Version 2.0.X, the EOS 7D gains a multitude of feature enhancements for higher performance befitting the flagship APS-C EOS. These improvements include a higher maximum burst rate (130* for JPEG Large/Fine and 25* RAW images) for continuous shooting, definable maximum limit for ISO Auto, compatibility with the GPS Receiver GP-E2, and manual audio level adjustment. Additional upgrades also include faster scrolling of magnified images, quick control during playback, in-camera RAW image processing, JPEG image resizing and ratings, plus customization of file names and time zone settings. 

Awesome!  Here’s more from Canon about the Firmware updates.

Firmware version 2.0.0 can be downloaded here

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