"Why is Our Government Doing This to Us?"

From 2005-2011 I maintained a well known political blog called Bottom Line Up Front. The main mission of my blog was to present accurate information on the war on terror and in particular the war in Iraq.  Married to a veteran of that war, and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, I thought it important to present an accurate representation of the military operations there against the onslaught of leftist media who maligned Pres. Bush and often times the U.S. soldier... although oddly their obsessions with Iraq and Afghanistan are now KIA what with the President Obama running the show..... sort of..... even though there are far more casualties under 4 years of Obama than during the entire 8 year presidency of George W. Bush.

But that's beside the point.  

I came to know in the blogosphere a great man who runs the blog The Gateway Pundit named Jim Hoft.  It came to my attention today, as I heard it mentioned by Rush Limbaugh on his show, that Jim had recently become very, very sick and nearly died. Jim wrote very early this morning, "Please Pray for Me... I am Losing My Insurance".   His plea is this:

In August 2013 I became very sick with what I thought was a cold. After a few days I lost vision in my left eye and I checked into the hospital. I soon found out that what I thought was a summer cold was actually Strep bacteria poisoning my blood stream. The bacteria blinded my left eye, ate a hole through my heart, caused five strokes on both sides of my brain and forced the removal of my prosthetic left knee.

Dr. Lee was the surgeon assigned to perform open heart surgery. What was originally scheduled to last four hours ended up lasting twelve. My heart was severely damaged. Dr. Lee later told me the surgery was one of the most difficult of his career. He also said I only had a few days to live without the surgery.

Thanks to the excellent insurance I carried I was able to receive life-saving medical treatment at St. Louis University.

This week I found out I am going to lose my insurance. The company that carried me is leaving the Missouri market. I will have to find something else.

I am one of the millions who will be looking for new insurance. God willing, I will be able to keep my doctors at St. Louis University. I trust them.  They saved my life.  Please pray for me and the millions of working Americans who are going through this same ordeal.

Why is our government doing this to us?

This is, of course, the terrible tragedy of Obamacare.  And Jim Hoft is not Obamacare's isolated victim.  This is happening all over America as citizens are losing their prescriptions, being kicked off their current insurance and wondering what the hell they are going to do now that they cannot afford the 50, 100, 125% increase in premiums making insurance unaffordable and unattainable.

We have been warning Americans for years that this would happen to the rank and file, and that Obamacare is not selective in its victims.  Yes, even Obama supporters are being assaulted by its brutality.

I bring this up even though I know this is a photography blog, not a political blog, because there is still time to fix this.  What is the cure to Obamacare?  REPEAL.  And some leadership in the Republican Party.  I fear the first is more attainable than the latter but still we must try to take back the healthcare system that has been the best in the world... up until Obama and the Democrats forced us all into this god-awful system.

Please pray for Jim Hoft in particular.  He's a very good guy and, like every other American who is fighting for his life but has been notified he's just lost his excellent healthcare, he needs our prayers.  

Thank you.


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