Instead of a Standard Flash, Try a Continuous LED Light

I love my Manfrotto Continuous LED Light!  I just received my Maxima-84 Hybrid and I cannot wait to get a lot of use out of this baby.  I've tested it on both people and subjects and this is exactly what I need.  Flashes like the Canon Speedlight 600EX-RT are very important, especially for portraits, photojournalism and event photography, but my need for proper lighting goes beyond this.  Like most photographers, I am multidimensional.  My first love is travel and landscape photography, but I have been a journalist (of one sort or another) since I was a teenager.   I also love photographing units training for war in the Army.  

That said, natural lighting from the outdoors comes easy, but lighting in dark caves (as I discussed in a previous entry) or in situations where I don't have time to focus on readjusting the flash and shutter and aperture need special attention.  This LED light, which affixes to the hot shoe of the DSLR, really helps take the guess work out of these situations.  I don't have to worry about red eye or too much light washing out the subject or person I'm shooting.  The light strength is easily adjustable on with a turn of a dial to create a very soft light or a bright light.  I just love this thing.

Amy ProctorComment