Solar Panels that Help Photographers Recharge

I really love finding practical, creative products that aid the photographer or outdoor enthusiast in his quest to explore, and this one is a must-have. 

It's the GoalZero Solar Panel.  This thing will recharge your cell phone, camera battery, laptop and other essential devices directly from the sun.  GoalZero also can power large items like portable refrigerators and car batteries!  It's pretty remarkable.  The solar panel can also recharge a GoalZero Power Pack, for camp outs or long excursions away from civilization, or you can plug a power pack (or small power stick for your purse or pocket)  directly into an outlet for a charge, so it  has multiple possibilities.  

For the landscape photographer or outdoor junkie, the solar panels are an invaluable tool that provides fast recharging power from the sun for your camera battery, cell phone and laptop or iPad.  This isn't just important for obvious reasons, so that you can continue to take images without the worry of losing your DSLR's battery charge, but also for safety reasons.  Being in the middle of nowhere for a day, an overnight, a weekend or a week means you have to have an active cell phone in case of an emergency.  This product will give you that peace of mind.

So check it out, the GoalZero Solar Panels and other products.  I think you'll find it an essential for your backpack.  

Amy ProctorComment