Long Layover? Try a Sleep Pod at the Airport

We adventurers love to travel but hate layovers.  Now some airports are offering "sleep pods" to customers, for a price of course, so the weary wanderer can catch some Z's, take a shower or just relax in privacy before catching the next flight.  This can be a great way to be jet lag while you're at it, too, especially if you have trouble sleeping on the plane.

They're called everything from "Nap Cabs" to "Snooze Cubes" to "Minute Suites".  The "Minute Suites" at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia are $32 for a one hour stay (minimum) and $8 for every additional 15 minutes after the first hour.  Not bad.

Unfortunately, LAX in Los Angeles and the Auckland International Airport in New Zealand don't have them yet, but hopefully that will change.  

Amy Proctor1 Comment