Making the Best of Your Photos

There will be times in the life of a photographer when you won't be able live out your dreams on demand, as you want, where you want. Constraints might include finances, scheduling conflicts or, as in the case with many female photographers, family obligations.  In my case, when my husband is deployed to a foreign country I cannot take an assignment that will take me away from home when I am the sole caretaker of our children. But still, the desire is burning a hole through your heart.  So what can you do in the meantime?

Continue to shoot wherever you are.  Find eclectic or unusual things to shoot in your hometown while you wait for your situation to change.  

I happened upon an odd deserted mini-golf course and befriended this lonely guy...... 


So don't be afraid to get out there and shoot whatever is around you.  You never know what you might find.  ;)

Amy ProctorComment